Letter from the editor
Premiere Issue! As the IMMORTAL world of Bebylon is emerging things are steppin' up round here! We invite you to travel on the road to Bebylon as we move into beta testing followed by the launch of BEBYLON BATTLE ROYALE later this year! 

SOB (Straight Outta Bebylon) will be the “premiere” place to get the most up-to-date in-depth info on game art, strategies, dev tools, beta testing, events, and giveaways followed by our social channels. Each issue will be dedicated to expanding a specific portion of the Bebylon World Development as well as contain events and giveaways exclusively for the SOB Family. We hope you like our new look! Now let’s get to it!
Team Kite & Lightning
and Bebylonian bebies!

Getting dropped off into the Bebylon World is not as glamorous as you may think. You're armed with only a PAIR OF SWEATS and DREAMS of fortune and fame. But before stepping inside the Battle Royale Ring, you must get adopted into one of the FOUR GREAT FAMILIES.
To make a good impression, you must learn the fighting ways of the immortals at the DOJO TRAINING CENTER FOR BEBIES WHO CAN'T FIGHT GOOD. There you will hone your fighting skills to demonstrate outwardly just how crazy you are inwardly. When you've struck the balance between insanity and belligerence, you're released into the ring to find your place of acceptance among other 'royales' and legends alike.
Read about the origin of Bebylon!

Releasing your inner wild child determines one's destiny..."
Buddha Beby
Get mentored by a legend
drawing board
Bentley combat sketches! *Bentley , the cover beby.
VFX Alex breathing flashy destruction into Bentley's moveset!
Big Idea Tiny Napkin
In celebration of tiny things, some of the funniest ideas started as a simple napkin drawing. Here's some original concepts for one of Bentley's Special moves that's now immortal-4-life!
Bentley's special move in all its animated glory!
DEV Spotlighting a very helpful internal light baking tool! 
The Bebylon battle arenas have all kinds of wild abilities to miniaturize, enlarge, rotate, reposition, crop in, slowmo all relative to the players avatar!  Only the arena itself never moves an inch, its the stadium and player avatars who transform but they would never know!  This of course creates all kinds of chaos with light baking so Ikrima knocked out a pretty killer tool for wrangling all our baking needs and threw in some real nice to have's in order to make life easier!  Or in dev terms: remove lots of human errors!

SIGGRAPH 2018 - Vancouver
This August, Cory will be revealing live onstage how the Xsens inertial mocap technology, used in tandem with an iPhone X, can stream full body and facial performance capture straight into UNREAL in real-time!
Stay tuned to find out how you can watch online.
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Red Alert: *everything shown or mentioned in this newsletter has a good chance of changing before Bebylon is released!
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