Letter from the editor
This issue covers the latest trends sweeping the BEBYLON nation…CHERRIOTS, LEGENDS, SIGGRAPH, & the LATEST KNL GIVEAWAY!!!

As promised, S.O.B. will continue to deliver Bebylon World Developments and KNL Happenings to family first!  If you missed the last issue, click this
Team Kite & Lightning
and Bebylonians!
Everyone in Bebylon knows, to compete in the Battle Royale Games, you must be adopted into a royal family and thus, follow in the footsteps of their Legend.   Go forward you mighty small Peasant! Let the initiation phase begin.
Legends Adora Wilder, Maniackle, Killahertz, Bentley Brook

Worth a mention...
Your chosen Legend is now your mentor and responsible for upholding the family's reputation. They don't typically like to be let down...

For the love of Zeus... your a damn disgrace. STOP CRYIN & GO MEGALO..."
Mentoring Winners Since 2020

Glide into the arena like a rockstar with your pimped out Cherriot. In the Battle Royale games, style is substance!

In the words of Legend Muhammad Ali -
"It’s not bragging if you can back it up!"

more cherriots + stepping into combat
drawing board
Finding Killahertz - This issue's Solara Powered Cover Beby packs a powerful punch with her futuristic weaponry.  Welcome to the new age!
VFX Alex’s blazing Katana trails are lighting up the night in Goldfinger Billy’s Saloon!
Big Idea Tiny Napkin
In follow up to last issue's napkin drawing, it's time to unleash Bentley's Special Move - his prized "Lone Sharky."  Here boy!
KILLAHERTZ special move!           
SIGGRAPH 2018 - Vancouver
Watch K&L show off their Beby mocap setup during the LIVE STREAM of SIGGRAPH Real-Time Live!   August 14th @6:45pm PT!  MORE INFO
!!! REPLY TO WIN !!!
Bebylonians love raffles... Just another thing to win!

Question: How many times does Cory say “Beby or Bebies” in this teaser video?
watch TEASER
Reply to this email with your answers before August 9th @ midnight PDT to enter our raffle! 3 Winners will be picked Monday (8/13) on Twitter @KNLStudios!
Twitch St. Louis
We are also proud to be a part of the Twitch St. Louis Community Meetup this Saturday, Aug. 11th! If you are in the area make sure you stop by and say "Hi!" https://www.twitchstlouis.com/
Red Alert: *everything shown or mentioned in this newsletter has a good chance of changing before Bebylon is released!
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