Welcome to Bebylon

2 birds...one boulder!

Early on, our game world ideas exploded out of hand, consequently, the Guinness Record for Scope Creep seemed within reach. So rather than contract, we added even bigger ideas: A Bebylon movie, TV series, and a Virtual Theme Park that would evolve into a metaverse run by immortal bebies.

And what's a metaverse without an origin story...

GEEK ALERT: All imagery realtime rendered in the Unreal Engine!


Everlasting Life

Once upon a future time (2046), pharma giant “Divinity” develops a cheap immortality pill to global fanfare. Aging is officially dead but there’s a tiny mishap – millions of newborns inherit the anti-aging genes and after a few short years, they stop growing.

Immortality is awesome, unless you’re trapped in a chubby 2-foot tall body forever!


Short life sentence

Two and a half decades pass, and despite their adult intellect, the "Bebies" are regarded as freaks or ignored altogether by the tall immortals (nicknamed ‘Tally’s’).

This makes big city life hard and humiliating; Eventually, virtual realities become havens for Bebies, further alienating them from society.



Armed with deep resentment and extreme Napoleon complexes, four powerful bebies, nicknamed the Brat Pack, vow to create a promised land; one that would outclass, outsmart and out-awesome the world’s preeminent Tally cities in every way.


Fustian Paradise

Bebylon is born, a metropolis floating above the Himalayas, where Bebies reign and being two feet tall or smaller is the norm.


Perfecting a new culture

To run the city and mastermind a superior social structure, the Brat Pack develop an A.I. known as NIRVANA, who establishes a royal hierarchy and names each co-founder head of their own Royal Dynasty.


Gamified Society

For the citizens, NIRVANA engineers social games providing various ways to win up the social hierarchy. But the bebies become addicted the games and obsessed with the glory of winning.

Overcompensation creeps into the heart of the new culture, igniting a citywide battle to become the biggest baller in Bebylon.


Battle Royale

This craze manifests into the Battle Royale; A home-brewed game of trash-talk and sucker punches, with the power to catapult its victors to fame and fortune.

Reluctantly the co-founders embrace their dark beby nature and Battle Royale becomes the centerpiece of their gamified society; a mega sport gone new religion.

The rest is future history!